Who We Are

We understand that reducing our footprint and living a zero-waste lifestyle is a challenge. However, we are determined to empower and help our community members & suppliers to address this challenge in the most systemic way and through well designed campaigns and strategic partnerships. Only together we can make a difference

About me

WHY am I so passionate about making a difference?

Hey There, ^_^



My name is Wafa, its an Arabic name meaning faithfulness. Pregnant with my beautiful daughter,  we moved to Perth 11 happy years ago.


Being a Mum who believes in the power and the essence of community, I trust that through our collective action, we can combat climate change. 


Change is challenging yet very rewarding, particularly when the end goal is to save our beautiful planet for our kids and generations to come.


Reducing waste and recycle right is not as hard as many people think, especially when you have been given the right tools to implement the changes and being surrounded by supportive community. My daughter & I have been/are changing one habit at a time which has been a fun and enriching journey. 


I have 18 years experience in planning, project management and supply chain, I have designed the campaign in a way that is doable and fun. We would love you to be part of our community. 

About SCC

The Sustainable Community Club (SCC) combats climate change and creates sustainable, healthy and local communities all over the world

Our Vision

The Sustainable Community Club (SCC) combats Climate Change and creates sustainable, healthy and local communities all over the world. 

Our Mission

We raise awareness amongst community members through customised campaigns to help change their lifestyle from costly and wasteful to affordable and waste free. 

We encourage current and new local suppliers to provide sustainable unpackaged products & services and we enhance & expand the list of local sustainable suppliers and draw upon international sustainable supplier products when needed. 

We sponsor & partner with educational bodies & innovative businesses that promote sustainability and resolve wicked problems in the area of sustainability.


Community Focused

Because we believe that the power is in the hands of individuals, like you, who are part of growing sustainable communities around the world, we can make the change and save our planet.

Waste Free Living

We want to leave this planet in a better shape than we have now,  for our kids and generations to come.


1- People: Create a body of knowledge to educate and train general public, and offer continuous training & support towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

2- Sustainable Businesses:
Support and give impetus to local and global businesses to start filling the gaps in the market with waste free, sustainable products & services.


Benefits of
becoming a member

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